Of course, the wooden

Fiorello Model

  • Wood construction with glued layers, characterized by high strength and durability
  • Door leaf and all components are made of pinewood
  • The surface of the door is free of knots and other defects
  • The width of the wing: 60, 70 , 80, 90 cm.
  • The height of the wing: 2000 mm.
  • The thickness of the wing: 40 mm.
  • We offer doors in non-rebated system:
    • non-rebated doors don’t have notches that increase surface contact with the door jamb. The installation of this type of door is a little more difficult than in comparison with rebated doors. It is easier to fit non-rebated doors to the door jamb, because they can be easily cut to the size from the bottom, top or sides.
  • Impregnation of colours in a separate technological process
  • Three coats of varnish using hydrodynamic method
  • Availability in different colour variations :
warianty kolorystyczne drzwi


  • 70 mm door jamb, extension is possible, made of pinewood
  • Architrave of the door jamb from one side
  • Seal in the door jamb
  • Silver or gold hinges (as you choose)
  • The single-point mortise lock, spacing of 72 mm, for key, insert or bathroom lock
  • Holes for sleeves


  • Various possibilities of glazing, thanks to which without problem we will match suitable model to the type of the room or you will lighten and visually enlarge a small interior. You can put glazing for models here – I will send it later, because graphic designer have to send it to me.
  • There is a possibility to make door with a height of 2100 or 2200 mm
  • Extension of the door jamb to 100 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm.
  • Covering with patina
  • The possibility of additional decorative finish above the door: cornice, crown, waves, breeze, rhomb, romance, romance with the conversion

types of glazing